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Various things.
Posted on 7:04 AM 30 Sep 2013 by Yoshy Ryu DCC

I've been a bit busy with things in real life, and other online chatter. I do apologize for the lack of updates.

Behold: The Vault Hunters
Posted on 12:45 PM 30 Sep 2012 by Yoshy Ryu DCC

If you're into Borderlands (1, 2, or both) you should check out this new awesome site dedicated to the franchise, Vault Hunters!

Stay up to date on the ingame missions, loot, and share tips with your vault hunter brethren.


My Thoughts: Religion
Posted on 2:21 PM 18 Sep 2012 by Yoshy Ryu DCC

Some of you know me as a Jew. Others, think I'm Christian.
Here's how I see things.


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